The perks of switching to an Instagram Creator account

April 21, 2020 5:57 pm Published by

Instagram has introduced a new type of account that caters to influencers, the Instagram Creator account. The Instagram Creator account will help influencers better understand the performance of their content and the tendencies of their audience. Having an Instagram Creator account linked to your Webfluential profile will help you tremendously. In this blog post the benefits of linking an Instagram Creator account will be explained. 

Instagram Creator account: Insights and tools for creators

The Creator account will give influencers daily and weekly insights for their feed, stories, and IGTV. 

Before the Instagram Creator account was introduced many influencers used the Instagram Business account. While the Instagram Business account has advanced insights compared to a personal account, the account features were not tailored to influencers' needs. The Creator account is tailored to influencers and provides the tools and insights that are relevant to influencers. 

Much like the Instagram Business account the Creator account will provide users with advanced insights that are not available to ‘personal account’ users. These insights include data around followers and unfollowers; audience geographic and demographic information; reach and impressions on posts. 

Some of the tools available to Creator account users are the ability to add your contact details to your account, better management of your inbox and support for adding shoppable tags to your posts that link to another account’s store. 

Creator account benefits on Webfluential

Once they have linked their Instagram Creator account to Webfluential, influencers will be able to provide marketers on Webfluential with rich data about their content. This will allow marketers to make better-informed decisions when booking an influencer.  

Influencers with a linked Creator account will be awarded a higher Webfluential rating. An influencer’s Webfluential rating will dictate how close to the top they surface in the search results to marketers and brands. A higher rating will, therefore, mean a higher chance of being found and booked by a brand. Find out more about Webfluential ratings here. 

Only Influencers with a linked Instagram Creator account will be considered for Webfluential accreditation. Being Webfluential accredited comes with many benefits, which include early access to briefs from Getty Images, priority access to top tier brands and much more. Find out more about accreditation here. 

How to link an Instagram Creator account to Webfluential

The first step to linking your Instagram Creator account to Webfluential is to ensure that you have switched from a personal Instagram account to a Creator account. You will then need to link your Facebook page to your Instagram creator account. Check out a tutorial on how to do this here. 

Next, you will need to log into Webfluential and link your Instagram account. Once logged in you will see a message on your dashboard that prompts you to convert your account. Click on ‘convert @....’ to start the process.

Follow the steps to link your account.

Your Instagram Creator account is now linked to Webfluential. You will be able to view your insights from your Webfluential account. 

Contact [email protected] with any questions about converting to an Instagram Creator account. 

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