Becoming accredited and why it’s important

September 18, 2019 6:17 pm Published by

In the world of influencers there are so many voices begging to be heard, but who is actually worth listening to? How do you know if someone is authentic and earned their massive following? We all know those profiles with only a handful of posts who miraculously have a “too good to be true” following. Any influencer that’s worth their salt would never have to buy or bargain for followers. If you’ve ever clicked follow on any of these profiles you’ll know that you most likely unfollowed them in a week’s time as they just don’t have what it takes to be an authentic influencer or keep you wanting more. It’s simple. What most people are attracted to on social media platforms is someone who is consistent in their content, has a steady growth pattern and most importantly, delivers quality content that audiences want to see on their timeline on a regular basis. For all of these reasons, we encourage our influencers to become accredited. What this means is that you have hard-earned your status as an online influencer who people love seeing on their timelines. A personality that has worked their way up to where they are and have a steady, authentic following of like-minded people who care about what they do, endorses and idolizes them. This way, as an influencer, you have successfully gained the trust of your following. So an “accredited status” is all fancy and glamorous but how does it actually help you as an influencer besides making you sound like a VIP? Being accredited counts in your favor when there are campaigns and collabs that fit your niche. You see, our algorithm runs through your following when applying to be an influencer on our platform, flagging any phony influencers who have bought followers or have ghost followers. This means that when chosen for a campaign, a brand has trust in your influence. They will now know that they will get great quality content that is authentic and will reach the audience they are targeting in an influential and inspiring way. There’s obviously no benefit in reaching out to a fake audience. It’s like screaming into a void and that’s definitely not fun. Our accreditation is an effort to extend valuable opportunities to the real cream of the creator crop and reward those that have worked on campaigns with brands and delivered great value to them. We do this by recruiting influencers who have up-to-date channels linked so we can assess their exact engagement rates and performance to endorse their value and go above and beyond in growing the community of creators online locally and internationally. In essence, a brand would much rather work with an accredited influencer than an influencer who has not yet earned that privilege because they have trust that they will get a better return on investment. Besides the pro’s in it for the brands, you will benefit even more than just a fancy status because you will feature higher in search results, be homepage and newsletter featured, have early access to top tier brand campaigns, and the cherry on top to sweeten the deal - membership perks and benefits. This way you could actually be all that and a bag of chips and have the accreditation to prove it.

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