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TikTok partners with Webfluential for social network’s first African influencer marketing play

October 29, 2020 10:00 am Published by

TikTok announced today that global influencer marketing platform – – has been engaged as its first authorised Brand x Creator partner in Africa. Both brands and agencies across the continent are now able to collaborate with TikTok creators at a commercial level, based on the reach, resonance and relevance of these influencers. TikTok’s rapid growth and highly engaged audience in Africa.

Content creators can start using Webfluential’s free tools to market and monetise themselves by registering here, and brands and agencies can register to engage with influencers here or contact us directly at [email protected].

“TikTok’s unique creator engagement solutions and immersive formats reach and engage audiences in innovative new ways. We selected Webfluential as our partner in Africa to bring our offering to African brands and agencies at scale”, says Saul Moross, Global Operations Manager for TikTok.

“TikTok enables creator-led brand engagement that is relatable and authentic, simple and entertaining allowing brands to supercharge audience engagement. Coupled with influencer strategy and our influencer expertise at the Nfinity group, we can now work with brands and top TikTok Creators to engage new audiences”, says Greg Bailie, Lead Client Partner at Webfluential South Africa.

“With Access to influencers across eight different channels and a combined audience of over 2 billion people, the addition of TikTok as a channel means that our customers and agencies will be able to work with the top TikTok talent and boost the uniquely talented creator economy in Africa”, says Ryan Silberman CEO of Webfluential.

With new and innovative ways to engage African audiences, TikTok’s growth in Africa shows no sign of slowing down. This partnership is set to bolster its position among the communication mix for brands on the continent. With Webfluential already connected to 300m fans and followers across Africa, this partnership with TikTok extends the potential for brands to tap into a 1bn-strong audience. The digital revolution will not be televised, but it’s happening from right within your pocket.

Content creators can start using Webfluential’s free tools to market and monetise themselves, and brands and agencies can register to engage here or contacting us at [email protected].

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Webfluential creators making passive income from content

September 11, 2019 12:39 pm Published by

Influencers and creators are at the heart of our Webfluential ecosystem. We exist to offer them unique ways to earn an income actively through campaign work with brands, and passively through content and affiliate deals.

An exciting partnership where creators are earning an income is through our boutique partnership with Getty Images. There are ongoing campaigns posted by Getty Images that our influencers get exposed to, and can submit their material, that if approved, is available for sale to any client of Getty Images. It’s a simple way to monetise content that’s often already been created, or can be created to fit a particular brief.

Below are two of our favourite images from the last campaign – “Work-life in Africa”. You can buy the images to support the creators by clicking here or here.



One of the latest briefs open for creator contribution focuses on “human touch”. Webfluential creators can apply for inclusion by visiting this page. Those who don’t yet have a Webfluential account can sign up here.




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NB: Brands, you’re Robin, not Batman

August 15, 2019 3:14 pm Published by

Brands and their agencies venturing into the influencer marketing space often make the first fatal mistake, in believing that they’re the hero in the online story. Influencers are storytellers, and in the stories they tell, they’re the superhero – understated or not. Where brands play a meaningful role in the online space is as a supporting role to the influencer. Every brand’s value proposition should talk about how they “enable the transformation” of their customer – in other words, making the customer (and influencer) the hero.

Trevor Noah on Instagram: “When life closes a door…. grab a drill and pop that $%*T off the hinges! 🙌🏾”


This week’s example is DeWALT power tools. Trevor Noah is our hero, but their electric drill empowers him to do even more amazing things. Consider the alternative, if Trevor posted the picture of the drill and the same caption, without his symbolic stance of dominance, how much less impact the image would have?

Influencers live and die by their audiences, so they understand their truths, and you can trust them to position your brand or product as their leverage to do more.

Be their Robin, dont try and be Batman.

To access ten thousand superhero creators and influencers, create an account here.


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