Prove your value to brands with our new Snapshot Report

July 13, 2016 9:19 am Published by

elon blog   Marketers want to be able to measure the success of their campaigns so they can see whether or not it was worth the budget spend. Here’s the thing: they find it tricky to track influencer campaigns. Marketers don’t have access to your analytics, and it can be a struggle for them to hunt down the everyone’s content at the end of the campaign, having to sift through posts, retweets and replies.   So the responsibility falls to you, the influencer, to prove to marketers that their investment in you and your platforms was a success. We realise that you’re busy too, crafting great content, handling multiple brand campaigns or even managing a day job on top of your blog!   That’s why Webfluential is constantly working to give you tools that do the work for you. Our latest gift to you is something we’re calling the Snapshot Report. This tool tracks all the relevant data around your content and produces a real-time online report that you can submit to brands. How the Snapshot Report works:  
  1. All you need to do is input the links to your social posts, YouTube videos and blog posts.
  2. Then the report shows the number of posts published, total engagements and how many people had the opportunity to see the post.
  It does just what it says, giving the brands you work with a snapshot of the results of your campaign. To show you just how cool the tool is, we created a Snapshot Report for one of our all-time favourite heroes, Elon Musk, following his comments on the launch of a new video game.     If you would like to see how the new tool reported on this tweet, click here to view the Snapshot Report.   This tool is still in beta and we’re testing it out. So we’re offering you the opportunity to use it at no cost. All you need to do is send us the links of your social posts and the name of the campaign/brand you worked with and we’ll create a report just for you! Email [email protected] to submit your data. NB: Reports take roughly 24 hours to create, please be patient. Thanks for making Webfluential awesome!