Three tips from influencers that all marketers should hear

March 9, 2016 8:58 am Published by

3 tips from influencers for marketers   In an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, brands have no choice but to keep their marketing strategies flexible. Part of being flexible involves learning, listening to our consumers online, and adapting to the tips and tricks we learn along the way.   In the Influencer Marketing trade, who better to learn from than the influencers themselves? We get feedback and tips weekly from thousands of influencers and we’re making it our mission to share them with you - because a community who learns together, grows together.   Here are three tips from influencers that all marketers should hear.

1. Creative Freedom is a must!

Give influencers more creative control   Brands need to learn to let go, as scary as it sounds. Influencers have spent years building up a large engaged audience, they know best how to engage with them. By giving influencers a bit more freedom to create branded content they know will resonate with their audience, brands will achieve much higher engagement rates and end up running campaigns that consumers actually remember.  

2. Set clear campaign objectives

Set Realistic Expectations   If you work with an influencer platform that has experience in its field, it’ll be easier for you to set realistic goals. Be clear about your expectations and objectives upfront and communicate them with the influencers you’re working with. As with any successful project or campaign, planning is critical and sufficient time should be given to setting clear campaign objectives, having realistic expectations and providing enough time for your influencers to create the best content for your brand.   Present your terms and conditions upfront  

3. Brand presence should reflect business values, not merely product.

Collaborate with engaging influencers   One of the most important factors for a successful Influencer Marketing campaign is ensuring that your brand, not just the product being mentioned, is associated with the right influencers. An example of a brand that did this incredibly well was Omega Watches with their association to James Bond. It doesn’t matter what model of Omega watch is being promoted - the association with James Bond will hold the Omega brand in a highly exclusive light for years to come.   Webfluential is building the smartest technology for brands and social influencers to connect, tell stories and positively influence consumers.   We have built relationships with thousands influencers across the globe, on multiple channels. If you’re a marketer and you’d like to explore working with influencers, register by clicking on the below button.   Register as a marketer