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Webfluential Media Kits

December 18, 2018 4:59 pm Published by



In the age of the Influencer, most influencers ignore the importance of a Media Kit. After all, everything a brand needs to know about your body of work is on your social channels, right?

What these influencers don’t realize is that Media Kits have a very specific focus and purpose beyond what your channel can convey. In essence, your Media Kit is a packet full of information about you as an influencer. Traditionally your Media Kit is sent to brands to encourage them to use your influence in a potential campaign, and also to brands you are currently working with.

Creating a Media Kit on Webfluential will give you access to unique and striking features. Brands will be able to view your body of work and information about you and your audience. Brands will also be able to begin a collaboration with you straight from your Media Kit.

Your Webfluential Media Kit updates in real time to reflect your changes in audience, as it grows, as well as your top performing content.

Here are some of the features that are shown on your Media Kit:

  • Links to your channels and blog
  • Your Audience’s demographic and geographic details
  • The markets you operate in
  • Your IBM Watson personality insights
  • Featured posts
  • Brands you have worked with
  • A collaboration form for brands to fill in if they want to reach out to you

Sharing your Media Kit with brands and your audience can be a great tool for getting noticed and booking your next influencer campaign.


Take a look at some great media kits from influencers on Webfluential:


Candace Hampton

Candace is a Dallas based fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel blogger with over 300,000 in following across social platforms.



Christian Collins

Christian is an artist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. His aim is to spread a positive message through his content.


Karisma Collins

Karisma is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer who loves to create positive inspiring content for people to watch and see.


Many Of Many

Man of Many is one of Australia’s leading men’s lifestyle sites with over 500,000 unique visitors and 880,000 page views per month.


Nicola Marleen

For Nicola Fashion is so much more than buying clothes and being trendy. It’s about expressing herself to the outside world!


Josh Devine

Josh is a drummer for One Direction and ZFG.


Thandolwethu Tsekiso

Thando blog’s about all things food, fashion, music, travel and lifestyle events.


Cristina Petrini

Cristina is an Italian lifestyle, foodie and travel blogger with a unique perspective. She describes herself as a “witch blogger”.


Melonie Graves

Melonie is a lifestyle influencer with a love of all things home decor, family, food, and wine.


Sarah Funk

Sarah is a travel storyteller. She creates engaging, high-quality videos and photography that is shared on her channels.


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Creating your Webfluential media kit

December 5, 2016 10:30 am Published by

Your media kit is the best way to give an overview of your digital presence and online influence. Webfluential allows you to create a digital media kit which is professional, polished and easy-to-use.



Follow the steps below to create your Webfluential media kit

  1. Ensure your Webfluential profile is complete and optimized
  2. Customise your media kit settings
  3. Add featured content and other information
  4. Preview and share your media kit

How do I complete and optimise my Webfluential profile?

You cannot have a Webfluential media kit without a Webfluential profile. Read this post for help completing and optimising your Webfluential profile.

How do I customise my media kit settings?

Customising about section

  • The “About me” section of your media kit is pulled from your profile data
  • Click “Edit in Profile” in About You section to update the “About me” section of media kit

Webfluential media kit

  • Update name in “Name” text field
  • Update description in “About” text field
  • Click “Save”

media kit Webfluential


Activating your Booked by Webfluential form on your media kit.

  • Click the red cross next to “Booked by Webfluential” to allow marketers to book you directly from your media kit.

Activating channel scores and audience demographics

  • Click the red cross next to “Show your channel stats” in order to display your Webfluential scores next to each of the channel on your media kit
  • Click the red cross next to “Show your facebook fan page audience demographic” in order to display your audience demographics on your media kit


Webfluential media kit

Customising your header image

  • Click “Choose File”
  • Select image from your computer (Recommended aspect ratio is 1400×300)
  • Click “Open”

free media kit

How do I add featured content and other information?

Adding featured branded content to your media kit

  • Fill in relevant brand in “Brand name” text field
  • Fill in relevant brands twitter handle in “@brand” text field
  • Fill in relevant brands website in “Brand’s website” text field
  • Fill in relevant content URL in “Content URL” texxt field
  • Fill in a short description of content or campaign in “Content copy” text field
  • Click “Add”

Add brands to free media kit

Adding featured tweets to your media kit

  • Copy relevant tweet URL
  • Paste tweet URL in “Full Tweet URL” text field
  • Click “Embed Tweet”

Webfluential media kit

Adding other information to your media kit

  • Fill in relevant information in “Highlights” text field
  • Format using toolbar above text field
  • Click “Save”

Highlights section. free media kit


How do I preview and share my media kit?

  • Click “Preview Page” to preview your media kit
  • Click Facebook “Share” to share your media kit on Facebook
  • Clichttp://blog.webfluential.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Artboard-6.pngk Twitter “Share” to share your media kit on Twitter

create free media kit Weblfuential


Login to Webfluential


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The benefits of having a credible media kit

January 6, 2016 9:52 am Published by

This blog post was originally written by Ruan Fourie.

I once read a Forbes article that said you have exactly 7 seconds to make a first impression. That’s roughly three words a second. So when you fire off that e-mail to the brand you’ve been dreaming about working with – best you present the best of your platforms in the first 21 words (so up until ‘three’ in this introduction).

The benefits of having a credible media kit

If you utilise a social media platform to create income and want to showcase your content to brands, a credible media kit gives you far more than 21 words AND creates a professional first impression within 7 seconds.

People are predominantly visual. Creating a visual document that showcases your offerings in a professional, attractive and concise manner is the first foot in the door to making money off your influence.

How does a media kit help make you money?

Sovereign Stats

Brands aren’t going to pay to work with someone who doesn’t have an audience. Being able to show your reach, resonance and relevance in a concise manner allows a brand to determine if the spend is worth the return. A media kit allows you to display your stats clearly and neatly.

But who are they?

It’s all very well showing how many people are in your audience but you also need to communicate who these people are. How old are they? Are they male? Female? Where do they live and what do they like? Brands work with influencers to access their audience and communicate with them in a tone they find relatable with content they enjoy engaging with. The audience of the influencer needs to be the target market of the brand. Setting up a credible media kit not only lets you show off your stats but also lets you intertwine important audience insights into the information you’re displaying.

Show, don’t tell.

Much like consumers turn to influencers before making purchasing decisions, brands like to know you’ve done work with other brands. By featuring some of the brands you’ve worked with on a media kit you’re able to create credibility relating to your content but also give the current brand an idea of the types of products and services you’re most likely to align with.

Your time to shine

Sometimes you need to be allowed to brag. This is one of those times. Have a regular radio spot? Were you once tasked with tweeting from the top of Kilimanjaro? A few lines or a small image marking this highlight is a great way to better promote your personal brand to the brand you’re targeting. It shows that you’re different and have accomplished a few milestones.

In 7 seconds a media kit allows you to give a quick snapshot of your influence and, more importantly, your audience. In those 7 seconds a brand can determine if you are the influencer that will collaborate best with them to reach their campaign goals. Showing brands the content you create and who engages with that content is the first step to forming financially beneficial relationships and making money from your influence.

Webfluential now provides influencers signed up to the platform with the free tools to create their own media kits that give brands and agencies the best snapshot of your influence. Login to your profile and click My Media Kit on the left to start putting yours together!

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