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Three tips to make sure you win that pitch

August 12, 2016 9:58 am Published by



Our goal at Webfluential is to provide value to our influencer community, be it in the form of education on the industry or providing you with technology to skyrocket. After we noticed a demand for influencers being able to pitch their creative ideas to brands we built Pitched by Webfluential. With Pitched by Webfluential marketers are able to send out briefs to a group of influencers and influencers are able to pitch back their ideas to brands – giving you the opportunity to land that gig you deserve.

So how can you ensure your pitch stands out from the crowd and impresses marketers?


1. Make sure your pitch is competitive

Now that more influencers will be receiving the same brief you need to make sure your pitch is competitive.This does not mean dropping your rates or offering to do the job in exchange for a product. Brands want value for money and a great way to offer them this would be including value adds or a discount on your package. For example, if you prepared to write 2 blog posts and include social the total cost of this package may be quite large and definitely worth your while. But you also want to give the brand a reason to spend money with you. Offering value adds will show the brand that you willing to give them value for money. Here’s an example of how you can put together a “Value pack”

Value pack 1

1 blog post (set rate)

2 x Facebook post at (set rate)

1 Tweet as a (value add)

Value pack 2

2 blog posts

2 Tweets

Value add: 1 tweet and a Facebook post.


By putting together “value packs” you’re providing brands with great value for money – making your offer more competitive and difficult to turn down.

2. Show your creativity

As an influencer you need to provide the brand with really creative ideas that will set you apart from everyone else. Your pitch should include a brief but informative, description of your campaign proposal.

Show don’t tell. Include links to images or a link to an quick intro video you’ve created, you can even create a Slideshare presentation putting your idea across in the most creative way, making you more memorable.

Look at past campaigns from the brand you are pitching to and get a feel for what they like.

For example, if you look at images used for Adidas campaigns, what are the common themes you see with their images? Think how you can recreate images to be different from campaigns in the past but still align with the brand’s look at feel.



Image source…


Image source…


Image source…


3. Include examples of work you have done in the past

A good way to improve your credibility is to show brands what other work you have done in the past. Sharing a link to your media kit and referencing some of your most impressive work is a great way to showcase your work to brands. If you have not set up your media kit click here for a step by step guide.





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4 exciting new features on your dashboard

August 10, 2016 10:53 am Published by


Mailer 10-08-2016_Blog small

Over the past few weeks our engineers have been hard at work, creating technology to further empower our influencer community. If you have recently logged onto your Webfluential dashboard you may have come across some changes. Here are 4 exciting new features to look out for.

1. The new social feed

Our new social feed gives you a glimpse into online conversations around Webfluential, new brands on the platform, and other influencers you follow online. We working on creating an online social community for influencers to interact.

social feed




2. Give your favourite brands the thumbs up

When you log onto your dashboard you will now be able to track new brands signing up to the platform. Not only are you able to track new brands signing up, but you can also give your favourite brands the thumbs up and let them know that you would be interested in working with them.


New Brands


3. Track how far you are with completing your profile

This new feature lets you know how far you are from reaching 100% .Our new feature will also let you know what steps you need to take to complete your  profile.This ensures  that you aren’t missing any important steps that could prevent you from being discovered by marketers.


4. Pitched by Webfluenital

Last but definitely not least! The most exciting new feature – Pitched by Webfluential. After many hours of hard work, our engineers created technology that will allow you to pitch your creative ideas to brands. Briefs from brands, will go out to influencers that fit the brand’s requirements. For example, a brand looking to launch a product related to child care briefs will most likely be sent to parenting influencers. Once brands send out their brief, you have a week to pitch your creative campaign idea back to the brand, and if they like it, you get Booked by Webfluential.

Due to things being moved around you may be wondering where you will be able to see your jobs. Simply click on the “Direct Jobs” tab, which will be on the left hand side of the page. Then click on then click on “Job Board”. This is where you will be able to see what brands are looking to work with you, view their brief, and pitch back your creative ideas.

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Content is key when it comes to sponsored posts

August 5, 2016 2:00 pm Published by

Instagram post


With the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other authorities constantly updating the rules around sponsored content, it’s important that bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers disclose their relationships with the brands that they feature.

This isn’t really a problem for creative influencers – if your content is amazing, people aren’t going to care whether or not it was sponsored.

To prove this point, here are four Instagram posts that were definitely sponsored and marked with a #ad and/or #sponsored as per the FTC rules, but we didn’t feel bombarded by a brand message.

(According to the FTC’s new rules, these influencers will have to mark this content upfront as #sponsored and/or with #ad.)








Click here to read more about the rules and regulations around sponsored content.



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