New ways to find credible Influencers

December 9, 2015 3:25 pm Published by

New_Facebook-05_Twitter-03 Finding credible Influencers causes sleepless nights for many marketers. As innovators in the influencer economy, we feel it is our responsibility to make this as simple and effective as possible (so you can rest easy). Just as Airbnb has revolutionised the travel industry by providing a marketplace for accommodation owners to rent to travellers, we are transforming the marketing industry by offering a marketplace for influencers to sell their services to brands.

Our goal is to make Influencer Marketing easier than ever before.

This means we strive to make the search for credible influencers plain sailing for marketers and provide more opportunities for brands and Influencers to work together. We recently added new Influencer tools to our platform that not only help Influencers market themselves better to brands, but also help brands select more relevant Influencers. I have chosen the 2 new Influencer features that I think marketers will love:

1. New ways to partner with Influencers

If you have run an Influencer Marketing campaign on our platform in the past, you already know that we provide the best Influencer Marketing tools to search for influencers, manage campaigns and track results. However, as Influencer Marketing evolves, so do the needs of the community using our platform and this gives us the chance to add new features to move the industry forward. In addition to being able to work with Influencers on Influencer Marketing campaigns, we have built-in new channels for brands and Influencers to partner on.  These include:
  • Event appearance: contract for half or full day to attend events
  • Content writing: writing in exchange for a fee
  • Display media: banner advertising on a blog
  • Audience remarketing: remarketing to an audience that visits a particular blog


2. Compare Influencer media kits to make the best selection

Media kits are a standard tool used in the industry for Influencers to showcase their audience analytics, brands they have worked with and examples of content they have created. As marketers, we use these media kits to help evaluate the relevance of an Influencer for our brand. However, media kits are often outdated and difficult to compare as there is no standardised format. Our new media kit tool allows Influencers to customise a template and give marketers access to their updated analytics, previous brand partnerships and created content. The format provides a more standardised layout to benchmark one Influencer against another, as well as, Webfluential verified analytics.   Webfluential  Media Kit

Finding credible Influencers does not have to be difficult. Sign up to our platform to see just how easy it can be.


Or find out more about these new features from our team?