6 Steps to building a successful Influencer Marketing plan

August 12, 2015 12:11 pm Published by

Do you feel completely overwhelmed by trying to create a successful Influencer Marketing plan? Perhaps you are not sure where to even start, let alone knowing how to produce a winning plan. Using influencers as a media channel is new and not everyone feels confident conceptualising, managing and tracking an Influencer Marketing campaign. This is where Webfluential can help you. Our six steps below provide guidance on how to create an industry-leading Influencer Marketing plan. However, the best news is that our platform has all the tools you need to complete step two through to step six for you. All you need to do is define your target market and as Influencer Marketing experts, we will do the rest. Phew – it is ok to breathe a sigh of relief! 6 Step by step  Influencer Marketing Plan
  1. Define the target market The first step to any marketing plan is to define your target audience. It is no different with Influencer Marketing. This helps you understand how your customer thinks, discovers, makes decisions and purchases product. Consider specifics like the gender, location, age and number of people you would like to reach.
  1. Conceptualise your campaign Brainstorm concepts for your Influencer marketing campaign that will meet your marketing objectives and easily integrate into your marketing plan. Think of influencers as another media channel being added to your media planning. Just like you brainstorm a concept that works best for radio or television, think of a concept that works best for influencers. Also give thought to the type of content you would like created, what the key messages are and what format is best to share this message (video, blog post, photography etc.).Platform tip: Webfluential gives you access to a team of dedicated account and campaign managers that are pros at developing ideas for brands when working with influencers.
  1. Discover relevant influencers You need to find influencers that are relevant to your brand and messaging you want to share. It is important to not only look at the reach an influencer has, but also how aligned they are to your audience and message. You want the content they produce for you to be relevant and resonate with their audience for better engagement and shares.Platform tip: Webfluential gives you access to a database of thousands of influencers as well as the tools to search for the most relevant influencers for your brand and campaign. Our search tool allows you to add filters to your search according to the interests of influencers. For example, you could search for a mommy blogger that enjoys running or fitness.
  1. Manage workflow and logistics Monitor and manage all campaign logistics like briefing of influencers, content schedules, workflow and payment. As more influencers are added to a campaign, it is important to ensure you have enough time allocated to work closely with each influencer to get the results you desire from their content and audience.Platform tip: Webfluential campaign managers will oversee all your campaign logistics like briefing, follow up, content fact checking, deadline management etc. As content is posted online to blogs or social media channels by influencers, you can access a detailed workflow to view all posts, tweets and shares in one place, as they go live.
  1. Track your results Monitor the results and impact of your campaign according to your objectives and measurement indicators like reach, resonance, relevance, engagement, link clicks etc. You want to ensure that your budget spend has resulted in return on investment (ROI).Platform tip: Webfluential has a detailed tracking and reporting tool that actively measures and showcases your campaign results. The reporting tool has been built with researched algorithms to accurately measure the results of Influencer Marketing and ROI. Check out one of our reports here
Webfluential Influencer Marketing Plan Reports
  1. Unpack your learnings Evaluation and learnings are significant for understanding both the successes and challenges of your campaign. This allows you to adapt and improve your plan for future executions. Some influencers might have worked better for your brand than others. Content may have resonated more with certain audiences. The more you learn, the better your future campaigns could be and the bigger your portfolio of best practice becomes.Platform tip: The Webfluential reports unpack any of the campaign learnings for you, so that you can take advantage of any successes or avoid mistakes in future campaigns. Our team spend time analysing each report for any key findings.
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