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When’s the best time to try out influencer marketing?

July 26, 2016 9:24 am Published by

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Many marketers are still trying to grasp the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of influencer marketing, never mind the ‘when’.

The ‘what’ is simple to explain: it’s a form of marketing where brands use key individuals – called influencers – to deliver their messaging to a specific audience that the influencer has built up a relationship with.

The ‘why’ is equally simple: we trust product reviews and recommendations coming from our friends more than advertisements.

The ‘when’ is a little more strategic. It’s tempting to try out influencer marketing because it seems like a novelty (it’s not), but you’ll get the best results if you time your influencer campaign to when you’re trying to achieve very specific marketing goals.

Webfluential’s Kirsty Sharman wrote an article on Social Media Today, where she explained 6 perfect times for marketers to use influencer marketing. There’s even an infographic! Click here to read the full article.


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The evolution of influencer marketing over the last 100 years

July 21, 2016 8:53 am Published by


There’s no deny traditional marketing has evolved, shifting away from broadcasting brand messages through mass media, towards two-way communication.

But even back when there was no Internet to connect brands more closely with their target markets, there was an element of influencer marketing floating around in the marketing mix: peer-to-peer communication. Or simply put: word of mouth.

A housewife may have recommended the washing detergent she saw on TV to her friends – but there was no way for brands to track, measure or even prove that this communication took place.

Fast-forward to today, the rise of the digital media means that consumers can reject the uninvited, one-way brand messages they were once bombarded with. The opinions of their friends count for more. Word of mouth has become king.

That housewife? Now she has a parenting blog and is able to reach more of her friends than she ever did at bridge club. And thanks to technology like Webfluential, brands are able to track and measure online conversations around their products and services.

Take a look at this infographic, taken from an article written by Webfluential’s Kirsty Sharman, where she explains the evolution of brand storytelling. It clearly shows how influencer marketing has come full circle. Click here to see it.


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Webfluential Masterclass Overview

September 6, 2015 4:27 pm Published by

Week 1 – Introduction to Influencer Marketing
  • Email 1: Welcome
  • Email 2: Influencer Marketing – when and why did this become a thing?
  • Email 3: An introduction to strategy building(ebook)
  • Email 4: How Influencer Marketing compares to other forms of digital marketing
  • Email 5: (Practical) A lesson in influence
  • Email 6: How to spot an influencer / creator / key opinion leader in the wild – the metrics that matter
  • Email 7: What Types of Influencers to Use and When
Week 2 – Understanding the value of Influencer Marketing
  • Email 1: Shared Value: A Sustainable Approach to Influencer Relationships
  • Email 2: The Value of Collaboration, Creation, and Community in Influencer Marketing
  • Email 3: B2B: The Influencer Approach
  • Email 4: The Inside Track on Defining Your Audience
  • Email 5: How to Budget for Influencer Marketing
  • Email 6: From startup to FMCG – is there an influencer for that?
  • Email 7: Case studies and examples
Week 3 – The various types of Influencer Marketing and when to use which
  • Email 1: Drive awareness
  • Email 2: Brand engagement
  • Email 3: Market research
  • Email 4: E-Commerce
  • Email 5: Event Activation
  • Email 6: Advocacy
  • Email 7: Goodwill
Week 4 – The practical side: how to actually do it.
  • Email 1: Searching for the needle in the haystack – discovering the right influencer for you
  • Email 2: How to guide the creative genius of influencers and protect your brand message
  • Email 3: The 101 of speaking to and working with influencers
  • Email 4: Understanding the legal framework around Influencer Marketing
  • Email 5: Understanding and measuring performance and insights of your campaign
  • Email 6: Managing a selection of influencers (Networks, lists)
  • Email 7: Why accreditation matters

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