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Who were the most influential people during this year’s UEFA Champions League Final?

June 7, 2016 12:12 pm Published by


The 28th May 2016 saw the much anticipated clash between Spain’s finest, the Madrid Derby, involving powerhouses Real Madrid and emerging giants, Athletico Madrid in Europe’s biggest club competition, the UEFA Champions League. Just how big is it? Well, according to Heavy.com, “when Barcelona beat Juventus to win the 2015 final, UEFA estimates that 180 million people in 200 countries witnessed them raise the trophy.”

Just to put that into perspective, Vocative.com further goes on to report that the Champions League is vastly bigger and dwarfs the American Super Bowl which on its own is a big spectacle in the US.

“In addition to an impressive 200 countries tuning in, the teams in this year’s finals made off with $108 million in prize money, dwarfing the Super Bowl’s $14.9 million collected during the playoffs in January.” – Vocative.com

The 2016 viewership stats are yet to be released but judging from the above, one can easily predict that the numbers have increased. As with all sports fans, myself included, one of the things we look forward to is all the banter pre, during and post a match. In most cases all that takes place on Twitter through online conversation. To give you a sense of this using the aforementioned final as an example, check this out from the tournament’s official website.

Being in the business of creating and tracking conversations on behalf of brands, we couldn’t pass up on the chance to track this huge sporting event. This is what we found:

Most of the conversation around the @Championsleague handle is curated not created. This tells us that fans are in the game of sharing content in the moment, being the first to spread the news. It’s amazing to see that through the power of Social Media you can reach over 1 billion people from only 355 766 accounts. Sure there will be crossover, and sure we can argue that the reach figure is more an opportunity figure – but what we can’t argue is the power of social conversation around the @Championsleague!


Another interesting insight is how the conversation pre and post the match almost equals the conversation on the day – telling us that sport content might not be as ‘in the moment’ as we think it is. As brands, we have more than the 90min match time to leverage the conversation.

Capture 2

To view the full report that also includes the most influential people and brands talking about @Championsleague, simply click on this link: https://webfluential.com/report/view_twitter_tracker/847

Tracking online conversation(s) has never been this easy!

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