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Creator Showcase: Natasha Amar

November 2, 2016 9:22 am Published by

During the next few editions of the creator showcase, our focus will be specifically on Instagrammers. We feature a creator from our community and tap into their talent, knowledge and tips to share with the rest of the community.

In our previous showcase, we featured one of Instagram’s first users, Dan Rubin. In today’s edition, we engage Natasha Amar.

Based in Dubai, Natasha left a finance career to pursue her dream of a career as a travel storyteller and photographer. Her Instagram account is a curation of well-crafted images capturing her adventures throughout the world. Whether she’s hiking through the fairytale landscapes of Cappadocia in Turkey or kayaking through the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand, her perspective is bound to infect you with the travel bug.




1. How long have you had your Instagram account for?

I’ve had my Instagram account since December 2012.

2. When did you start getting popular on Instagram?

My success with Instagram has been very gradual. I noticed that my page was growing at a faster rate when I started focusing on my photography and put in the time and effort to learn photography techniques as opposed to when I took photos with my old digital camera and phone.

3. What advice do you have for other influencers who want to improve their Instagram and grow their audience?

Ask yourself why you create. Do you just want to be famous? Do you want your feed to tell a story? Do you want it to be the go-to place for an audience that’s interested in a particular topic (hiking, fishing, footwear)? Once you find the answer to these questions, you get to the point where you can figure out the kind of feed you want to be known for and work towards making it the best it can be. Work on your craft- with the amount of knowledge that’s available online for free, there is no excuse for not learning basic photography techniques.

I find that the most interesting pages have a theme, interact with their audiences, and show personality. The least interesting ones are self-obsessed (think a selfie in every post) and lack creativity.

4. What camera do you use to capture your images?

I use a Sony A6000 for all of my photography including the images on my Instagram feed.

5. How often do you upload pictures on Instagram?

My feed is focussed on travel- in keeping with the theme of my travel blog TheBohoChica.com, so when I’m travelling, I post at least thrice a day. Some work campaigns have had me posting up to five times a day. When I’m back home, I try to post at least once a day.

6. Are there any apps or equipment you would recommend to other Instagram users?

I use Snapseed on my iPhone to quickly edit photos on the go for my Instagram feed. For Instagrammers who are looking to improve their craft and invest in a good camera, I can highly recommend the Sony A6000 mirrorless.



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August Influencer showcase

August 19, 2016 10:00 am Published by

Mailer 10-08-2016_Blog small

This month we’re showcasing influencers whose personalities really shine through in their Webfluential media kits.




24-year-old Ella shares snippets of her busy life, living and working in London and travelling around the world. Her love for fashion resonates throughout her blog, where readers get a glimpse into her very bright and fashion-forward wardrobe. Ella and her unique style has represented top brands such as Converse, Manhattans Cosmetics and Pepsi. Click here to see Ella’s media kit.

Mark Jackson



Mark is a talented photographer who shares his work on Instagram, showcasing breathtaking images of his travels, wildlife encounters and beautiful landscapes. As Mark explores the world, he shares images of his journey with his audience. His creativity and hunger for adventure show in every moment he captures. Click here to have a look at Mark’s media kit.

Marie Sheffield



Marie Sheffield is a London-based writer, marketer and food and travel blogger. Being a foodie, Marie naturally writes about restaurants she has been to while travelling, as well as sharing her own culinary tips and tricks with her audience. So if you are travelling and want to know which restaurant is worth visiting, or just want to spice up your dinner menu visit Marie Sheffield  – The Food and Travel Blogger. See Marie’s media kit here.

To stand a chance to be featured in our next influencer showcase. Tweet us your media kit. Here’s how you can create your own media kit.

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