Do you know the top dogs of influencer marketing?

April 10, 2019 10:40 am Published by

Influencer Marketing is not just for humans anymore. In the last year, dogs have made a mark on the influencer marketing industry. These days it is almost impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing a cute doggo. Some of these dogs have been collaborating with huge brands and making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotion. The emotion that dogs evoke is a sense of comfort and happiness. According to Matt Meeker, co-founder, and CEO of Bark & Co, creator of BarkBox, “When it comes to influencer campaigns, dogs can get away with a lot more than humans. People don’t look at a dog influencer and say, ‘That dog is a sellout.’ They are totally wooed by its cuteness.”

Pet influencers also use their influence to raise awareness to spread the word about pet rescue, adoption, and welfare. Coach, who have used pets in their ads in the past made donations to the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue and No-Kill Los Angeles on behalf of the dogs who appeared in their ads.

Webfluential gives dogs, or at least their humans, a way to connect with brands and craft stories. Below is a list of some of Webfleuntial’s top dog influencers.

Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy nominated host and creator of Save Our Shelter on Netflix and Dog’s Day Out featured on his social media. Rocky also has a passion for cooking and baking for dogs and is the founder of The Dog Bakery.

Simba The White Schnauzer

Kia Chambers is a North Carolina native who started her blog in 2012 to share her experiences as a new dog owner with Simba.

Jacob & Bruno

Jacob and Bruno are two 3-year-old Mini Dachshund brothers who started their social media journey at 8 weeks old.

Mochi and Kiwi Yeung

Mochi and Kiwi are Golden Retrievers born in Maine and raised in Massachusetts. Mochi can be easily recognized by his signature boxy” head and Kiwi by the “zipper” down her nose and her black patch (aka: birthmark) on her tail.

Zira and Ellie the Corgis

Zira is 5/8 Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 3/8 Miniature Australian Shepherd. Ellie is Zira’s half-sister. The Donovan’s, Zira and Ellie’s humans post pictures and videos of their daily lives and adventures with their beloved corgi mixes.


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How marketers and influencers can communicate effectively on Webfluential

April 2, 2019 4:04 pm Published by

“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it…it dies”- Tony Gaskins

Effective communication between marketers and influencers is vital in an influencer marketing campaign. Communication serves as the foundation of any collaboration and can assist marketers and influencers to plan, motivate and organize a collaboration. Poor communication can be the source of a failed influencer marketing campaign.

Below we have given both marketers and influencers a few key methods to increase the effectiveness of their communication on Webfluential, including how marketers can write the perfect brief to kick off a campaign, how influencers can create a quote to send marketers and how marketers and influencers can keep in contact during a collaboration.

The perfect influencer marketing brief

The idea: Outline the key message you wish to convey. Include the language you want the influencer to use along with any brand sensitivities (taboo topics and actions).

Key dates: Let the influencer know about any events they need to keep in mind (holidays, special events), especially if the entire campaign revolves around a specific event i.e. Valentines Day.

Time to post: Timing is everything. The time and day of the week can affect the performance of a post, therefore it is important to let influencers know when they should post.

Budget: The budget you set will dictate the tier of influencer you can use as well as determine how much you can spend on paid media. Informing the influencer on how much you are willing to spend will allow them to curate and organize their content accordingly.

Content: Tell the influencer what channels they need to post on, the form of content they need to create (Images, stories, videos).

FTC guidelines: Informing the influencer about FTC guidelines, such as making it clear that their content is sponsored, is extremely important. Marketers and influencers who ignore FTC guidelines can potentially get into legal trouble.

Audience: Marketers need to create a buyer persona and then tell the influencer exactly who the buyer is. Influencers will be able to create content that appeals to that buyer. Find out more about key audience metrics on Webfluential here.

Marketers can use the above as a template when booking influencers on Webfluential. Simply search for an influencer that you would like to collaborate with then send them a message with your perfect brief.

How influencers can respond to briefs on Webfluential

When you receive a brief from a brand you will be able to create a quote and also send a message to the marketer, possibly giving them feedback and your plan of action.

To create your quote Choose which channels you will use and how many posts on each channel you will create (set the quantity of the channels you do not want to use to 0). You will be able to add an extra line item, such as an Instagram story or a public appearance if the marketer requests this. You will also be able to offer the marketer a discount.

Keep the conversation going

Once the influencer has set their quote and the marketer accepts it, a major key is to remain in contact throughout the duration of the campaign. Marketers and influencers will be able to contact each other in their ‘collaboration chat’. The collaboration chat is an important tool for both parties to use to communicate and share files ensuring that all the content is suitable before going live and that all objectives included in the influencer brief are met.

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5 trend setting fashion influencers to follow in 2019

March 26, 2019 2:50 pm Published by

It has been a powerful few years for fashion influencers. Whether your personal style leans towards preppy, minimalist, edgy, or bohemian, chances are you find inspiration from a social media influencer. Fashion influencers show their audience how to style wardrobe basics, explore current trends and set new ones. The number of collaborations between brands and fashion influencers hit an all-time high in 2018. Fashion, cosmetic and health brands found collaborations with fashion influencers highly effective, with 70% of brands now adding influencers to their marketing budget. Many fashion influencers have successfully begun to monetize their influence by creating their own clothing lines and cosmetic companies.

Here are 5 fashion influencers on Webfluential who are making waves in the industry.

Safia Vendome

Safia is a French YouTuber and blogger living in Barcelona. Safia is passionate about theater, travel and writing. She also holds a master’s degree in marketing and communication.
Her primary motivation is to share different and original content that surprises her audience every time.
As a keen traveler, Safia likes to embark on journeys that inspire her audience.

Sergio Ines- What My Boyfriend Wore

What My Boyfriend Wore is a fashion diary with a difference.
Sergio’s girlfriend at the time loved documenting his outfits and started putting them up on Instagram, it became so popular that he started the blog, What My Boyfriend Wore. Now, it’s all about fashion for normal men. On Sergio’s channels, you will find the where, what and how of men’s style as well as the fun finds of living a gentleman’s life on the tip of Africa.

Priscilla and Brittany- BRNZ Blog

Priscilla and Brittany are two longtime friends from South Florida who started BRNZ Blog. Their love for fashion and beauty brought them together to launch a new creative in hopes that others can find everyday inspiration from their individual perspectives.

Nicola Marleen – Morning Elegance

For Nicola, fashion is so much more than buying clothes and being trendy. It’s about expressing herself to the outside world. Nicola believes that If you dress differently, people will see you in another angle. Nicola loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. She picks up inspirational ideas and items from the countries she travels to.

Angelina Lavo

Angelina performs as a DJ and as an artist at well attended, heavily publicized and exclusive events all around New York City. From tightly choreographed live shows on the catwalk at fashion events to DJ’ing at some of the more exclusive spots around NYC. Angelina organically mixes being a music producer and Dj with fashion and style.

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