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Webfluential launches the first-ever quoting engine for influencers

September 26, 2016 3:57 pm Published by


With over 4 billion YouTube videos being viewed daily, 65.4 million blog posts being uploaded monthly and social celebrities earning upwards of a million dollars a year, being an influencer has become a career.

Today we launch the first-ever quoting engine for influencers. Now you can build your own quotes, create media kits, get pricing guidance and book your own campaigns — all with a payment guarantee.

Webfluential is empowering influencers. Turn your passion for creating content into a bona fide business! Three years ago, Webfluential started building the technology to help influencers take their success to the next level. Now a community of over 10 000 accredited influencers log in every day to access their media kit builders, insights, pricing guides, and pitch creative ideas to your favourite brands.

Our latest upgrade — a quoting engine for influencers, and a world-first — is just another way we want to ensure you remain the cutting-edge of your business. With this new feature, you can generate your own quotes to send to brands and marketers interested in working with you. Now it’s possible to manage all your enquiries, quotes and campaigns from one place — your Webfluential influencer dashboard.






If the quote you sent through Webfluential is accepted, it means you’re guaranteed payment, plus you can use the Chat function to refine the brief with your client and use our basic reporting to prove the value your influence adds to their campaign.

This is what some of our power users have to say about Webfluential technology:




How to use the new Webfluential quote builder

Log into your influencer account (or sign up) and follow the instructions below the image:



  1. Log in to your Webfluential account
  2. Click on the ‘My quotes’ tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard
  3. Create your custom URL that you will be sending to marketers
  4. Write your proposal
  5. Add your channels
  6. Offer a discount (if you’d like to include a trade exchange)
  7. Hit ‘Send quote’

Be a part of our world-first technology and add even more credibility to your influencer business.





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Webfluential now allows you to add Snapchat and LinkedIn to your influencer profile

September 19, 2016 1:21 pm Published by



At Webfluential we aim to keep up to date with industry trends that could contribute to further developing the influencer marketing industry. With Snapchat and LinkedIn becoming increasingly popular channels, we are now making it possible for you to add Snapchat and LinkedIn to your Webfluential profile.



Adding Snapchat 

With 100 million daily users, according to stats on, it’s hard to ignore how quickly Snapchat has become one of the most popular social platforms.

Recent data on this website has revealed that 60% of Snapchat users post content daily and a staggering 9 000 snaps are sent out every second!

Snapchat has become  an extremely popular channel for influencers to connect and engage with their audiences while adding value to influencer marketing campaigns, which is why we’ve now made it possible to add this valuable channel to your influencer profile.






Adding LinkedIn

Currently LinkedIn has a total of 450 million users, according to stats on, and while this may not be as many users as Snapchat, LinkedIn is still considered as one of the more popular social networks for business.

Recent data on this website has revealed that LinkedIn has a geographical reach of 200 countries and territories having said this, many marketers and influencers are using LinkedIn as a means to build valuable relationships.

With many Webfluential clients already requesting Snapchat and LinkedIn campaigns, we strongly suggest you take advantage of this latest update.




How do I add Snapchat/ LinkedIn to my Webfluential profile?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘My Profiles’
  2. Click ‘Add Snapchat’
  3. Then fill in the required fields
  4. Don’t forget to add your pricing


Please note, Snapchat and LinkedIn will not yet affect the audience size displayed on your media kit. It is, however, another way you could earn revenue through the platform.

If you have any questions please feel free to email

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Step-by-step guide: Generate a Webfluential quote and share with brands using #BookedByWebfluential

March 13, 2016 11:47 am Published by

This blog post was originally written by Ruan Fourie.

An updated version of this post has been  created with new technology to read the updated post click here.

We aim to give every influencer in the world the tools to skyrocket. That’s why we’ve built Booked By Webfluential.

It’s a booking form that plugs straight into your website and Webfluential media kit – so you can take bookings anywhere, anytime and from any brand.

If you’re really serious about turning your passion into a business, use Booked By Webfluential to do proactive pitches with professional quotes. Similarly, if a brand requests a quote, simply generate a credible one to share with them. That way you can keep all your admin in one place!

This is how you do it:

Step one: Fill out the booking form on your media kit or website

Complete the required fields in your booking form. In the email field, enter your personal e-mail address but with a slight hack. So, instead of just using your normal email address, simply add “+webfluential”.

For example: will becomes

This ensures that our system does not pick up your email address as an already registered influencer. More info on this little email hack here. Note that this only works with Gmail.

Booked By Webfluential Influencer Booking form

You don’t have to complete the “Brief about campaign” section of the booking form. Just confirm that you are human and then hit the “Generate A Webfluential Quote” button. This will generate a quote that you can send by simply sharing the URL via email.

Step two: Include a professional quote as a link in your pitch

Now you can send your campaign idea (brief) along with a quote to the brand that you want to work with.

Booked by Webfluential Booking Form Generated Quote

Step three: Follow up!

Just remember that a quote expires a week after you have generated it. If a quote you can easily recreate a new quote but following the same steps.

Once you have generated the quote you will receive an email that looks like the one below, to let you know that a quote has been generated with your booking form.

What are you waiting for? Start generating quotes now with Booked By Webfluential. The power is in your hands!




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