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New Webfluential features to kick start your marketing efforts in 2017

January 10, 2017 3:18 pm Published by

With sites like Forbes, SocialMediaToday and Adweek listing Influencer Marketing as one of the hottest trends to watch in 2017, we thought it was time to give our registered marketers more features and flexibility - empowering your brands to make an impact through influencers in 2017. Most marketers understand Webfluential to be an influencer marketing agency – but what most marketers don’t know is that all the tools and technology required to find influencers are available to use as self-serve.  In addition, we have recently introduced regional agency partnerships - to support marketers with the running of larger scale campaigns. Our accredited partners can be found here. If you’re already registered as a marketer - I’d like to encourage you to log into your Webfluential account and have a look around. If you aren’t, you can register here to try out the platform for free. You’ll be able to see first hand just how easy it is to find and connect with the right influencers, you’ll also be able to see all the new benefits you have access to once you upgrade your account. If you're not quite ready to upgrade, you'll still have access to our partners to help you run great campaigns.  This is a sneak peek under the hood of the new Webfluential self-serve platform:

Connecting with influencers has never been so simple


Get influencers to pitch creative ideas to you

Build relationships with influencers in your Networks (please note that managed Networks are only available through partners) 

Chat directly to influencers about briefs and pricing

Think of how Hootsuite helps you run your social campaigns, and how Adwords helps you run your search ads.  In the same way, Webfluential and Webfluential accredited partners can help you run your Influencer Marketing campaigns. The above images show the tools that can help you overcome the challenges you expect walking into your first influencer marketing campaign. The new features below will help you with the challenges you only discover once you get going...

Guidance on pricing: helping you understand how much to pay

Ensuring your campaign is a success and that each influencer delivers

Creating basic reports for all your campaigns

PLEASE NOTE: The trial period on your marketer account will only last a few days so login to upgrade if you are looking to utilize the self-serve platform. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our partners via our partner directory found here.

Webfluential accredited partners offer a wider support network to brands and agencies looking to run large scale influencer campaigns. If you don’t have the time, experience or resources to run your own brand campaigns then you’ll have access to regional partners to help you do so. Webfluential currently has Partner agencies in South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom and South America.

Our partners have years of experience working with content, media, and Influencers, across multiple verticals. They also run a premium Webfluential technology stack, which means they have access to deeper influencer analytics, the ability to manage influencer networks on your behalf, paid media integration and most importantly - fully integrated reporting on campaignsThe images below are just some of the examples of what our partners can offer.

Costings for large scale campaigns, including management 

Campaign Management tools, with paid media integration 

Creating integrated reports for campaigns

Track only reports for brands and clients to find the most relevant influencers in real time 

PLEASE NOTE: Managed Networks are exclusive to Clockwork Media in South Africa, so if you already have a network of influencers and you’d like to manage them more effectively please get in touch with Clockwork Media through your ‘Partners’ tab.

That’s it from us, if you’re looking to understand a bit more around how influencer marketing can work in your brands vertical you can see some examples of influencer campaigns here. If you’re ready to get going, and kick start your 2017 with an Influencer campaign, then head over to our marketers area to get going. Good luck!   Kirsty Sharman Head Of Global Operations

3 ways brands can match up with the perfect influencer

August 25, 2016 10:15 am Published by

Instagram post As more and more brands turn to digital creators, social influencers and rising internet stars as a trusted source of advertising we’re starting to see some great lessons flooding the internet. As with any new(ish) trend, the brave brands venture out and help the rest of the industry define the rules and best practices for the future. Over the last year I’ve watched hundreds of brands be brave, and reap the great rewards as a result. One lesson stands out: influencer marketing campaigns get the best results when the brand and the influencer are a good match. Take a look at the Australian launch of Netflix in 2015, where influencer Troye Sivan live-tweeted his way through a couple of episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - it was a sublime pairing of brand and influencer, and his tweets reached over 90 million people in one hour. How does a brand find its influencer soul mate? It´s a bit like dating, actually. There is more than one way to find your perfect match - over the last year i’ve managed narrow down three ways to deliver that perfect match.

Option one:

You go out and find The One! Back in the day this meant standing at the bar, spotting someone you think you´ll get along with and offering to buy them a drink. These days, it´s a lot simpler. I´m talking apps like Tinder. Matchmaking made easy in the technological age. Likewise with finding the right influencer for your campaign. Where once you had interns scouring the web, cataloging blogs, stats and contact details, platforms like Webfluential have made finding influencers a snap, you just register as a marketer and use the Search function to filter through our 10,000-strong database of accredited influencers.

Option two:

You could also find your perfect match The Bachelor style. Let the influencers pitch their best ideas to you based on a brief, and pick the one that really gets you. This option works best for marketers who know they need to get some traction in the market, but maybe don’t have the perfect picture on how to do that. Smart marketers are simply asking the most influential people in their target market for help!

Option three:

But what if you´re not looking for a ´swipe right´ kind of relationship? You want something deeper, you want to know that you are both into Star Wars and cat memes? In the past, a safe bet would be to ask your mates to introduce you to someone they know you have something in common with. Brands, now you can do this too: approach influencers you know are already talking and tweeting about your brand because they are fans. Or, they are talking to an audience you have your eye on. Tools like Discovered by Webfluential allow you to listen in to the conversations, and then invite these influencers to work with you. Example: Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein. Whether Justin is on stage, or on social, or on a sponsored photoshoot he has an affinity for the brand. I would bet on the fact that he’d outsell any online store in no time if he Tweeted a link to purchase product - it would be poetry in motion. Connecting with the right influencers As an industry, let’s make a stand to be better. However you find your perfect match, remember, you can't fake a relationship between a brand and an influencer - their audience can always tell. Long-term brand-influencer partnerships work the best, so if you like it, put a ring on it and be exclusive.

Pitched By Webfluential [New Product Launch]

August 10, 2016 10:55 am Published by

pt   Marketers, have you ever felt the content created for your influencer campaign could have a bit more spark? Influencers, have you ever had a great idea for a campaign, but you don’t have an avenue to pitch it to the brand? Webfluential is shaking up the influencer marketing industry (again) with a whole new way for brands and influencers to collaborate. Introducing Pitched, by Webfluential.   pt2   Now marketers can post a brief and have influencers who match your requirements pitch their most creative concepts for branded content to you. And influencers, here’s your chance to work with brands you’ve only dreamed of collaborating with, by presenting your inspired ideas directly to the decision-makers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Marketers post a brief through the Webfluential platform
  2. This is sent to influencers* in the selected location and category - defined by the marketer
  3. The influencers who receive the brief can decide whether or not they’d like to pitch an idea, you have exactly one week to do so
  4. Marketers then receive a list with the ideas for the brief, and the details of the influencers who pitched them
  5. Marketers select the best idea, that they know will resonate best with their desired audience (these ideas remain intellectual property of the influencer if not selected)
  6. The marketer and selected influencer collaborate to bring the idea to life**
*Briefs are sent to influencers who match the tags and categories chosen by the marketer on the brief. **The decision with whom to collaborate is at the discretion of the marketer This process goes a long way to ensuring that influencers with the best ideas for that particular brand and campaign are selected. The result:  high-impact, top quality branded content that resonates - as it was created by an influencer who’s the perfect fit for that brand. Similar to our Booked By Webfluential technology, #PitchedByWebfluential can be used by both influencers and marketers to ensure campaigns roll out smoothly and securely: from the actual briefing phase right down to the selection of the influencers with best conceptual ideas. Collaboration made easy with Pitched by Webfluential Button1   Please note that this new product is only available to marketers who have registered for a paid account on Webfluential, and influencers who are accredited by Webfluential. Marketers: please log into your dashboard and upgrade your account and start posting briefs!