Influence vs Popularity – Which should you be investing in?

June 30, 2016 2:03 pm Published by

As a marketer one of the first questions you have to ask yourself with every marketing campaign is:

What does success look like to you?

Think about your current or future marketing campaign, what does success for that look like to you?

It might also be worth pondering whether you want to reach a targeted – but engaged – audience and achieve a high conversion rate? Or do you want to get your brand out there with a big bang viral strategy that scores impressions and ramps up your follower count?

Your campaign goals will determine whether you need to collaborate with an influencer, what kind of influencer you should build a relationship with, and if you’re aiming for a wide reach (popularity) or depth of reach (influence).

Webfluential’s New Business Relationship Manager, Samantha Wright, wrote this piece for Social Media Today. You can view the original article here or alternatively you can read it below – it gives you worthwhile insight into how best to determine the success of your influencer campaign based on the goals you set.

Influence and popularity might look the same, but they’re not.

Do you remember Sweet Valley High? Sweet Valley High was a 603-book-strong series of tween novels which followed the adventures of identical twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth as they navigated the melodramas of high school life in California. Jessica was bold, brash and popular. Elizabeth was bookish and reserved, and had a small friendship circle that stung in authenticity compared to her sister’s dazzling clique.

In the world of influencer marketing, there are the popular Jessicas with their hoards of followers, and the more authentic Elizabeths with their small but invested audiences.


The Jessica


A celebrity influencer with a follower count in the millions doesn’t automatically make them the best option for your campaign. Sure, they’re dazzling, but they might not hold the same level of resonance and relevance that a niche expert with a much smaller following would command. And then there’s always the chance that your busy celebrity might pull a Scott Disick (although, if skinny-tea brand Bootea’s goal was to raise brand awareness, Disick’s faux pas certainly did the trick).

The problem with gunning for popularity is that if you’re measuring your campaign’s success according to its width only – follower counts and content impressions – how do you know who is really listening?

Follower counts only matter if your audience cares about and consumes your content. If 20k of your 50k Instagram followers download your eBook, that’s a valuable conversion, but if you’ve purchased 100k fans and you’re still not seeing engagement on your posts, it’s because nobody cares.

Seriously. Nobody cares.


The Elizabeth


According to McKinsey, we’re 50 times more likely to buy a product or order a service that has been recommended by a trusted friend than we are if the same recommendation comes from a celebrity, columnist, or Internet personality. The same report states that word of mouth advertising generates double the sales of paid advertising. Nielson’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising report states that 80% of consumers will buy a product recommended by friends, with two thirds saying they trust other consumers’ opinions as well.

Most influencers – of the non-celebrity variety – already come with an invested audience who care about quality over quantity. These influencers have been talking to their audience for years. They have a relationship with their readers. They’re the online friends whose recommendations matter.

Sara Donaldson has around 700k followers across her channels, a small audience compared to someone like Disick. The difference is influence. Speaking to ABC News about her readers, she said:

“They read my blog, they follow my Instagram and they actually buy what I tell them is trending, so I know that my audience. When I put something up, they actually do convert into sales [sic].”


The Sweet Spot


But are influence and popularity mutually exclusive? Do you have to choose one without the other? If you look at influencer marketing according to Stephen Covey’s rocks and pebbles theory, would it be safe to say you can have your cake and eat it?

Let’s assume you’re marketing Best Lipstick, and your goal is to 1) raise brand awareness and 2) convert leads to sales. If you employ Covey’s principle to influencer marketing, you’d need to find a popular influencer with a big following to run your core content. This influencer would be your rock, and would guarantee eyes on your content. You’d then seek out smaller influencers (niche beauty and make-up bloggers) to disseminate your core message to their engaged audiences. These are your pebbles, and more likely to drive click-through rates and sign-ups. It’s a possible viral campaign that feeds into smaller more authentic influencer channels, and has the potential to positively affect your ROI.


It all depends on the authenticity of the content.

If there’s one thing you take from this piece, it’s that when it comes to investing in an influencer, choose one that knows what matters to their audience.

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Webfluential A-Team Employee Spotlight – Chiara aka Chiyonce

June 17, 2016 7:37 am Published by

Twitter – @ChiaraDiRago

Starting this week, we are going to introduce you to some of the incredible people at Webfluential. We’re a technology company that has some talented individuals who each play a huge role in bringing our tech, service, brand and vision to life.

To officially kick things off, please meet Chiara! Our very own Social Media and Influencer Outreach Co-Ordinator.


1) Hi Chiara! Please tell us a little about yourself in two sentences

I recently graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications. I’m an animal lover, obsessed with social media, anything girly and Beyonce.


2) What inspired you to come work with #TeamWebfluential?

I heard about Webfluential through a friend that I went to school with and after interning and seeing everything Webfluential had to offer I knew this is where I wanted to be.


3) What is one thing you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

More Instagram followers. JK! That’s a tough one. In the next 5 years I hope to have a pretty cool fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog set up.


4) If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?



Russell Brand

Thank you!

Webfluential is a global Influencer Marketing platform which provides the smartest marketing technology for brands to connect to social influencers. The platform makes it easy for marketers to create, manage and track campaigns with credible influencers and provides influencers with the tools to market their services and monetise their audience.

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How smart brands are using Instagram influencers to launch new products.

June 15, 2016 9:57 am Published by

Webfluential recently ran an Influencer Marketing campaign for Avon – Meet your Matte, to raise awareness of Avon’s trendy new matte lipstick colours. While most of us learnt about the launch of a new lipstick colour in a magazine, smart brands are now turning to influencers to make the launch of their new products more exciting.

We tend to trust the opinions of our peers over that of a brand, because  people relate more to their peers or their favourite blogger. Through influencers brands are able to reach the correct target market and have them engage with their products, in a way that does not make people feel as though they are being bombarded with advertising – but rather content that they care about.

Have a look at the amazing work these influencers were able to produce for Avon.


Aisha Baker



With over 62K Instagram followers and having been featured in Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire, Aisha Baker has quickly become a true fashion inspiration to many young South Africans. Aaisha shares her fashion choices, make-up trends and everyday snippets of her lifestyle on her blog, which many of us can’t get enough of. Learn more about Aisha Baker and be inspired by her work.


2. Tshepang Mollison



Tshepang Mollison, aka Twiggy Moli, is the creator of lifestyle blog Sleepless in Soweto where she shares her beauty photography tips as well as her interest in food. With two undergraduate degrees in Film & Radio Production and Brand Strategy & Communications it’s safe to say Twiggy is one talented lady.


3. Thandolwethu Tsekiso



Thandolwethu truly brought this picture to life in such a creative yet seemingly effortless way. Thandolwethu shares her beauty, fashion and health tips and tricks on her blog iamthandolewthu and not only does she have a successful blog but she is also the co owner of Wild Rose Boutique ZA. With an Instagram following of over 26.3k it’s safe to say this social influencer knows what she’s doing. Learn more about Thandolwethu here


4. Thithi Nteta



Thithi Ntete- creator of TeeTeeIsWithMe,currently works as a freelance stylist, consultant, publicist as well as a graphic designer. Her Fashion/lifestyle blog is filled with the most beautiful images like the one above which capture her love for everything from food, fashion and beauty.


5. Kefilwe Mabote



Kefilwe Mabote– is the author of fashion blog KefiStyles which  is renowned for giving readers a sneak peak into her very expensive and stylish wardrobe. Kefilwe currently works as a personal stylist, image consultant and wellness coach. Have a look at her images on Instagram for some fashion inspiration.


6. Thuli Mola



Fashion blogger, business woman and mother, Thuli Mola used her creative talents to produce beautiful images for Avon’s Meet your Matte collection. Thuli shares her love for fashion on her blog- Style Alert SA,  where you can find reviews of her favourite products/brands which always align with her audience’s interests.


7. Aqeelah Harron



In 2010, Aqeelah started her fashion blog- Fashion breed where she documents her creative interests and activities. She has been features in some of the most famous fashion editorials namely Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. Learn more about Aqeelah Harron here.
This campaign reached a total of 220K+ people and generated a total of 827 website clicks. Influencers are an undeniable asset to brands often providing them with the means to engage with a large yet very specific audience.


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