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You only have seven seconds to make a first impression, that’s according to a blog post about the benefits of having a credible Media Kit. As an influencer it’s imperative that you use all the technology available to you to make those seven seconds count. Being an influencer means you get to spend your days creating content about topics you love. It also means mastering the art of marketing yourself to brands, which isn’t always easy.

While Webfluential brought you the technology such as Booked By Webfluential and the Media Kit, it’s up to you to take advantage of this by ensuring your Media Kit is complete and eye-catching. If your Media Kit doesn’t spark any interest, chances are marketers will  pass on by to the next profile.

To give you some inspiration, we are featuring a few influencers who really nailed it in just seven seconds. We’re incredibly proud of the influencer community we’ve built at Webfluential and even more proud of some of these Media Kits!

Tuxedo Trio:

Tuxedo Trio

When it comes to our influencers, we never discriminate which is why we had to feature one of our furry influencers. The Tuxedo Trio is a blog about three cats (Jack, Ben and Hugo) who all look like they’re wearing tuxedos! The blog was created in 2011 and includes pet-related product reviews as well as stories, videos and images of the Tuxedo Trio.

For cat lovers the blog includes tips on how to keep your furry friends healthy, active and house trained. Take a look at their very cute and impressive Media Kit.

Capture 2



Howard Blount


Howard Blount, founder and editor of the travel website Backroad Planet, shares his adventures traveling the world and his passion for traveling to remote destinations in search of anything rare. Howard provides his readers with resources such as tips on planning the perfect road trip, which backroads to take, and things he likes and recommends to other travelers. Being a travel blogger his Media Kit naturally includes reviews written for travel brands. Let Howard’s Media Kit  inspire you.

howard F


Slick Mummy

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.03.52 AM


Slick Mummy is a parenting blog dedicated to highlighting the little things that make parenting look/ seem easy. A “Slick Mummy” can be defined as a mom who can carry a toddler through an airport in high heels, do the school run in leather leggings, crayon inspirationally and maintain decorum in three languages. This site was created to inspire and bring hope to all mothers.

Have a look at this slick mummy’s Media Kit.

slick 2


Michelle Harris



Michelle Harris is the creator of TechieMinx where she shares her passion for gaming, gadgets and social media. Being a brand ambassador, Michelle often reviews products for brands. Her knowledge on social media and Influencer Marketing makes her even more valuable to brands.

Have a look at her work on her Media Kit.

michelle 2


Chermaine aka Chammy

chammy p


Chermaine aka Chammy, is a funky mom and lifestyle blogger who writes about health, beauty, food, parenting, technology and everything in-between. As a stay-at-home mom Chermaine talks about how others can make money from home, leading by example with her very own beauty product line.

Have a look at the brands she’s worked with on her Media Kit.



That is all for today’s showcase! By displaying all the work you have done for brands, marketers are able to see what you’re made of. So don’t be shy to take advantage of all the options available to you right in your Webfluential dashboard. If you want to get really creative you can even tweet your Media Kit directly to brands – letting them know you’re up for collaboration.

To help create your Media Kit that will give you the seven seconds of fame you deserve, we’ve created a basic checklist for you to follow:  

    1. Make sure you tell marketers what they want to know
    2. How big is your audience? The Media Kit allows you to showcase your following in a neat and presentable way. Who is your audience and how do they align with their brand?
    3. Update your Media Kit regularly and show marketers what content you are capable of producing.
    4. Make use of all the customizable options so that your Media Kit stands out from the crowd – like custom URLs, backgrounds, content etc.
    5. Toot your own horn and tell them why you stand out, even if you do it through featured tweets. Brands aren’t going to know how great you are unless you can tell them and have your Media Kit as your evidence.

Have you set up your Media Kit yet? If so Tweet us a link using #TeamWebfluential and we’ll share it with our audience.


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5 Tips to get the most out of your Webfluential Media Kit

April 7, 2016 12:47 pm Published by

It’s exciting to see thousands of Webfluential influencers create impressive Media Kits. We love helping influencers turn their passion into a business, which is why we’ve compiled a list of five tips to help influencers use their Media Kits to market themselves to brands.


Here is a sumary of the five tips:

  • Let your Linkedin network know you’re a Webfluential Accredited Influencer
  • Use the ‘Book Now’ button on your Facebook Fan page
  • Make sure your Media Kit comes up when people Google your name
  • Tweet your Media Kit to brands who are a good fit for collaboration
  • Include your Media Kit in your email signature

What tips do you have for marketing yourself with your Webfluential Media Kit? Let us know in the comments.




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Customize Your Webfluential Media Kit URL and improve your SEO

April 6, 2016 9:41 am Published by

Having a profile also gives you a free Webfluential Media Kit, and by putting it to good use you can land yourself more jobs as an influencer.

Marketers and brands use Webfluential to search for influencers, but most marketers will also use Google to dig deeper and research influencers some more. Your Webfluential Media Kit provides marketers and brands with a central location to find all the info around you, but that’s not all – it can also help improve your SEO.

To make use of the SEO benefits we suggest you customize your Media Kit URL so that it includes your brand/name. This way your Webfluential Media Kit becomes one of the results that appear when someone enters your name (or brand) into a search engine like Google.

Before Webfluential Media Kit URL customisation:

Media Kit SEO - Webfluential

After Webfluential Media Kit URL customisation: 

Media Kit link SEO - Webfluential

How do I customise my Webfluential Media Kit URL?

Login to your Webfluential account, in the left hand navigation menu click “My Profile” and scroll down until you reach the “Your Domain” section of your profile. Click the “Edit” button and customise your URL.

Media Kit URL customisation for SEO

Your Webfluential Media Kit is a great summary of your Influencer profile

Google spiders/crawlers are like little robots and the easier we make it for them to understand who we are and what we do, the easier it is for them to convey who we are and what we do to the rest of the word with search results. Your Webfluential Media Kit clearly shows your profile as an online influencer. It has all the infomation Google needs in one place and conveniently links to your social media profiles and your blog or website.

Linking to your Webfluential Media Kit from your blog or website shows Google that the Media Kit has your stamp of approval and also helps brands easily find information about your influencer profile. And now that the Booked By Webfluential Booking Form can be included in your Media Kit, it’s easy for brands to get a quote from you – in just a few clicks.

If you aren’t a Webfluential influencer already, and would like access to our Media Kit builder, then simply apply to become a Webfluential influencer by clicking the button below.


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