Invite and Earn – Get paid to introduce Influencers to Webfluential

January 12, 2016 12:12 pm Published by

This blog post was originally written by Ruan Fourie. Influencers run in the same circles. We learn from each other, we ask each other questions and we give each other advice. That is part of the reason why #TeamWebfluential is home to over 4800 Influencers accross the globe. This is also the reason we have created "Invite and Earn" as a way to grow #TeamWebfluential even more. Invite and Earn – Get paid to introduce Influencers to Webfluential

What is Webfluential Invite and Earn?

Invite and Earn is a tool we have built for Webfluential Influencers to invite other influencers to join the platform. When you invite an Influencer to Webfluential and their application is successful, you earn some money for making the introduction. We give you a unique URL that you can share with your network of Influencers. Your Influencer-friends can use your unique URL to apply to be a Webfluential Influencer. Remember you need at least 1000 followers on Twitter to be a Webfluential Influencer. You can share your unique Invite and Earn URL via Twitter, Facebook or even your blog. You could even include it in your newsletter. How you use your unique Invite and Earn URL is up to you.

How much can I earn by inviting?

We are currently offering between $50 and $10, depending of the tier of the Influencer you invited to join #TeamWebfluential.
Tier 1 influencer 100,000+ audience size $50
Tier 2 influencer 50,000+ audience size $25
Tier 3 influencer 10,000+ audience size $10
Before payment is made, prospective Webfluential Influencers will have to go through 5 steps, before payment will be made to you for inviting them to the platform. Step 1: The prospective Influencer has been invited to Webfluential. Step 2: The prospective Influencer has sent in an application to Webfluential. Step 3: The prospective Influencer has logged into the platform for the first time. Step 4: The prospective Influencer has created a Social Media Profile. Step 5: The prospective Influencer has linked at least 2 social and one native channels. Your referral fee is ready to be paid!

Start Inviting and Earning now

Simply login to your Webfluential account and click on the "Invite and Earn" option in the left hand navigation menu to get your unique Invite and Earn URL or link. Share it with your friends and fellow Influencers to help grow #TeamWebfluential and earn some money along the way. If you are an Influencer and you have not signed up to be a Webfluential Influencer, simply click the button below to take the first step to monetising your online influence. Global Influencer Marketing Platform