New shortlist notifications system for influencers

July 17, 2015 11:35 am Published by

This blog post was originally written by Ruan Fourie.

We are always looking for innovative ways to ensure you get opportunities for new work. Our team has created some great additions to how we share potential job offers and keep you up-to-date. Sit back, relax and let us do the work with marketers on your behalf.

We include our qualifying influencers on shortlists for briefs that we share with marketers daily. Now you will know when we do this.

We’ve launched a toolway to show you you’ve been shortlisted (hooray).

850 Facebook


E-Mail notifications keeping you up-to-date

Earlier this week we launched our Influencer notification E-mail system. Now you will receive an E-mail notifying you every time we have included you on a shortlist that we have sent to to a marketer.

Such a simple solution, to address a few communication gaps.

These E-mails are not job offers. It’s just a way we can keep the communication with our influencers open. Now you can see that we are showing your Influencer Profile to marketers and we are constantly trying to find you jobs.

The marketers and the brands will then review the influencers we have included in our suggested shortlist, and pick the best influencers to work with. Once the marketer has signed off on the influencers they want to work with, we will send the job offer to the selected influencers.

It’s also because we have influencers’ best interests at heart

The notifications also serve as a way for you to protect your own interests. Now that you know you have been included on a shortlist that’s been sent to a marketer, you will be aware that the brand will be looking at your profile. If the same brand approaches you to do the job at a lower price (or for freebies) than the price you have set on your Webfluential profile, you will be able to make the informed decision.

We like helping Webfluential influencers be informed.

The better informed our influencers are, the more likely they will get paid the price they have chosen to charge for their work. Because nobody should work for less than they are worth.

The fee that we charge on campaigns is to cover the work involved with pitching our influencers to brands. The fee is also because we take the payment risk, we fill out vendor documents, we manage VAT and other taxes and we also follow up on payments. What’s in your best interest is also in our best interest.

It’s a slap in the face if a brand goes directly to you after we have done so much work to get you the job.

That way you know that we are actively trying to get you jobs by showing you to marketers, and you can make sure that you get paid the price that you have decided to work for.

In some cases we might offer you a job at a price lower than the prices you have set as brands often request volume discounts. Then it is down to you to decide if you are willing to accept the job at the price offered. We want you to be in control of the jobs you accept.

Keeping the communication open

We built this system because we have your best interest as a Webfluential Influencer at heart. To show you we are working for you, and keep you informed as much as we can. We also realize that some influencers might not want to receive these notifications and we are working on a way for you to turn them off.

Remember to check out our post on why you might not be getting Webfluential jobs, to help iron out the small issues that might be keeping jobs out of your inbox.

What do you think?

We love hearing from our Influencers. Please leave any comments or questions below. Or you can tweet us at @webfluenti_al, or find us on Facebook.

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Insights from #FacebookAfrica

July 8, 2015 9:45 am Published by

This blog post was originally written by Ruan Fourie.

It’s no secret that Facebook is a massive social media network. Globally it is one of the most popular social media networks, but in Africa it is the biggest reaching digital media on the continent. If you look at the overall African-media sphere, Facebook is second only to television in Africa.

The #FacebookAfrica event has been taking place over the last two days and there are some really interesting insights raised by the international team at a local event. Lots of talk about how businesses are using Instagram as a visual tool to connect with customers in creative ways.

Africa is mobile and mobile is where Facebook is accessed

Facebook sees itself very much as a discovery platform more than a search platform. The platform has over 120 million active users in Africa and thus plays a vital role in getting your brand and it’s story under the noses of Africans. This also means you should prioritise making your story and brand mobile friendly as the vast majority of Africans actually connect to Facebook via mobile platforms.

If Facebook is not part of your promotion spend, you will never reach the maximum amount of Africans.

This is #FacebookAfrica

You don’t have to try and reach Africa alone

Influencers are a great way to reach a massive audience on Facebook and other social media networks. Contact us if you need help setting up your influencer marketing campaign to reach the massive African audience on not just Facebook, but also Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

Here are some of the insights around #FacebookAfrica we grabbed off Facebook.

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Why you might not be getting job offers on Webfluential

July 3, 2015 7:05 am Published by

This blog post was originally written by Ruan Fourie.

Webfluential creates opportunities for influencers to work with brands and share branded content with their audiences. We currently have over 2800 influencers, many of which have received campaign work, but some have not yet received their first brief. This blog post aims to identify some tips to ensure you can be shortlisted in the near future.

Most importantly, the likelihood that you have the time to sell your influencer services to brands is limited. Big brands don’t even know who you are, no chance they are going to let you in their door to do a pitch. Plus, you hate admin and paperwork, don’t even say the word invoice.

So you’ve done the smart thing as an online influencer and signed up with Webfluential. That way there is no paperwork, we handle the invoicing and we pay you. Even more important than that, you don’t have to come up with a pitch or even do the pitch, we do that for you too. We work on your behalf, often without you knowing it, and meet  big brands on a daily basis, and we tell them why they should work with you.

We do all this, without you even having to ask us to.

Yet, it’s been a couple of weeks and still you haven’t received a single job offer. Now you want to know why you haven’t gotten any job offers yet?

Cold hard cash


In most cases the reasons for influencers not getting jobs through our platform is more or less the same. Thus it would be wise to break down some of the most common issues preventing you from getting your share of the $ 280,000 we have payed to influencers over the past 6 months.

7 Reasons you might not be getting Influencer jobs

  1. You have not completed your Webfluential profile. This first one is a really easy one to fix. Make sure your Webfluential profile is 100% completed. This means you have identified your target audience’s age groups, you’ve added the right keyword tags and that you have connected all the different platforms you use to your profile.
  2. Connecting platforms? That means you have Google Analytics on your blog and you connected your blog to your Webfluential profile. You also connected your Facebook page, your Twitter profile, your Instagram profile and your YouTube channel. All platforms that you can charge for.
  3. You have not set the price that you will charge for every platform. We make it really easy for you by telling you how much you should be charging. Obviously you can charge what you want, but if you stick closely to our guideline-prices you are way more likely to get all the monies into your pocket.
  4. You have NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on your site or social media platforms. Sharing controversial content will obviously scare off a lot of brands that might have been thinking about using you as part of their influencer marketing strategy. A brand might not want to be associated with you, purely based on the content you produce and share.Parental Advisory
  5. What is seen as NSFW content? Swearing like a sailor is certainly frowned upon by some. Scantily clad or naked people will also raise NSFW-flags. Off colour jokes, even though they are jokes, might make some people feel uncomfortable or offended. At the end of the day you can do as you please, but just keep in mind that controversial or NSFW content will certainly cause the jobs to be few and far between.
  6. You are not getting engagement on your content. Brands like to work with influencers that really have influence over their audience. For the brands it comes down to return on investment (ROI). If they are going to be paying you to do a job, they want to know that it is going to give them returns.
  7. If you tweet about something, does your audience actually believe what you are saying? If you share a link on Facebook, do people click on the link or just let it slide by in their timeline? When you blog about a cool product or an event, does your readers then actually go out and buy the product or a ticket to the event? Do you influence your audience’s actions and behaviour?

In the coming weeks we will be introducing you to some of the influencers that have received jobs from brands because they are signed up with Webfluential. You can have a look at how these influencers do what they do, and hopefully learn ways to get yourself your first job, or more jobs.

We are also going to start educating and helping you guys with how to be the ultimate influencer you can be. We will be sharing tips and tricks on how to increase your engagement, optimize your blog posts, create Facebook posts and tweets that leads to clicks, traffic and return on investment for the brands that have worked with you.

So login to your Webfluential account right now and check that everything is it should be. If you run into any problems or have any questions leave a comment. If comments are not your thing, we would love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook.

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