Webfluential creators making passive income from content

September 11, 2019 12:39 pm Published by

Influencers and creators are at the heart of our Webfluential ecosystem. We exist to offer them unique ways to earn an income actively through campaign work with brands, and passively through content and affiliate deals.

An exciting partnership where creators are earning an income is through our boutique partnership with Getty Images. There are ongoing campaigns posted by Getty Images that our influencers get exposed to, and can submit their material, that if approved, is available for sale to any client of Getty Images. It’s a simple way to monetise content that’s often already been created, or can be created to fit a particular brief.

Below are two of our favourite images from the last campaign – “Work-life in Africa”. You can buy the images to support the creators by clicking here or here.



One of the latest briefs open for creator contribution focuses on “human touch”. Webfluential creators can apply for inclusion by visiting this page. Those who don’t yet have a Webfluential account can sign up here.




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NB: Brands, you’re Robin, not Batman

August 15, 2019 3:14 pm Published by

Brands and their agencies venturing into the influencer marketing space often make the first fatal mistake, in believing that they’re the hero in the online story. Influencers are storytellers, and in the stories they tell, they’re the superhero – understated or not. Where brands play a meaningful role in the online space is as a supporting role to the influencer. Every brand’s value proposition should talk about how they “enable the transformation” of their customer – in other words, making the customer (and influencer) the hero.

Trevor Noah on Instagram: “When life closes a door…. grab a drill and pop that $%*T off the hinges! 🙌🏾”


This week’s example is DeWALT power tools. Trevor Noah is our hero, but their electric drill empowers him to do even more amazing things. Consider the alternative, if Trevor posted the picture of the drill and the same caption, without his symbolic stance of dominance, how much less impact the image would have?

Influencers live and die by their audiences, so they understand their truths, and you can trust them to position your brand or product as their leverage to do more.

Be their Robin, dont try and be Batman.

To access ten thousand superhero creators and influencers, create an account here.


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Five beauty influencers that will inspire your look

July 31, 2019 7:42 pm Published by

If you are looking for skincare products, beauty tutorials or make-up inspiration there is a beauty influencer for you to follow. The beauty industry is growing rapidly with an anticipated growth rate of 6.4%, this will take the global beauty market to a staggering $675 billion by 2020. 

Marketers in the beauty industry are continuously looking for ideas on how they can get ahead of their competitors. The strategy that looks most enticing to both marketers and consumers is making use of beauty influencers in campaigns. 

Selling the idea of self-improvement and transformation is almost seamless when using an influencer whose audiences already aspire to be like. Just a few years ago companies in the beauty industry only made use of celebrities in their marketing campaigns, however, today most now realize that the key to success is engaging their customers through relatable and interactive storytelling through influencers. Beauty influencers impact their audiences purchasing decisions by providing their audience a platform to learn, create and be inspired. 

Below we have listed 5 Webfluential beauty influencers who create outstanding content. 

Maria Juvakka – Maria Julia

Maria is a 24-year-old fashion, beauty and travel influencer and blogger. Maria is a creative individual who enjoys styling, photography and content creation to come up with interesting image concepts for her audience.


Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase also known as Mihlali N is a part-time Brand Strategic Communications student, a makeup artist by profession and the Co-Founder of Siyasizana Foundation. Mihlali’s content focuses on all things beauty, lifestyle, and travel, her main platforms are YouTube and Instagram.

Candace Hampton – The Beauty Beau

Candace is a Dallas based fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel blogger with over 300,000 in following across social platforms. She is a lover of avocados, family, soap operas and game shows.


Sarah is a 48-year-old mum of 5 from Staffs UK. she owns the beauty & lifestyle blog, Boxnip.

Sarah is passionate about skincare & beauty and loves all kinds of subscription boxes, from beauty to lifestyle and food. She is especially enthusiastic about Korean/Japaneseskincare & natural skincare/beauty products.

Dimi Ingle – StyleScoop

Through her blog, StyleScoop, Dimi loves to tell you about all the fab things she comes across. Whether it’s the latest makeup and beauty trends or the hottest fashion trends on the streets (or in the shops) and how to wear them. Dimi also loves sharing snippets on living a stylish life through travel, decor, gadgets and just about everything else! 


Start collaborating with beauty influencers on Webfluential here.

Are you a beauty influencer? register here.

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