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1 000 Marketers accessing 2 683 Influencers, reaching 185 countries across the world. An update on the Webfluential platform.

June 7, 2015 10:15 am Published by

We haven’t given you a behind the scenes update on Webfluential in a while. Since we launched to trade in March 2014 we’ve been working hard to build a platform that services marketers in major cities like New York, London, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney, and Nairobi.

We’re excited to announce that we officially have 1 000 marketers using our Influencer Marketing platform, giving them access to a combined audience bigger than most of the international news sites you read every day.

We’ve also introduced new metrics to our business to ensure our clients get the most value from their Influencer Marketing campaigns. The addition of paid media, retargeting and even detailed reports (you can view a case study here) have really helped take this business run by enthusiastic South Africans into global markets.

We’re building a platform we believe in, growing an incredible team, and together we’re changing an industry. A BIG thank you to the clients who believed in us, without you none of this would be possible.

These are our most recent stats…

Webfluential Audience Size




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Digital marketing tactics for day-of-the-week specials

January 29, 2015 1:07 pm Published by

Retailers, both online and IRL, often offer day of the week specials to boost sales on a historically slow sales day and to create an ongoing association with the brand and that day of the week. Traditional marketing on radio and television are great methods to raise awareness of these campaigns, but digital offers a means to turn interested customers into repeat customers, even moving them to spending on non-discounted retail days. Few brands have utilized tools on the web to maximize returns on their discount-day marketing efforts.

We provide a how-to on running a day of the week special on digital, assuming a lunch time meal special. Call it “Tempura Tuesdays.”

Plant the seed

Digital marketing platforms, particularly Adwords and Google Display Network, are ideal for serving ads at a specific time of day and very targeted location. The Tempura Tuesdays lunch special needs to penetrate the minds of an audience located within a ten minute drive of the restaurant while they’re working on their desktops in the office. Display banners on news and content sites plant the seed that appeals to the almost-hungry office worker. Subliminal awareness of the campaign – tick!

Secure the customer

As the target audience starts chatting about plans for lunch, checking in on social networks and are about to make a group decision, use digital to make it for them. The audience has already been served the awareness banners, now float the opportunity past them on Facebook and Twitter through promoted posts. Customers ordering Tempura on a Tuesday – tick!

Turn deal-hunters into loyal repeat customers

By using a combination of conversion tracking to your weekday-special webpage and audience retargeting, it’s then easy to create an aggregate audience that you can reach again, at lower cost and higher conversion rate, to bring their friends, offer coupons or upsell to attend killer profit-day events like Valentines Day or Mother/Fathers Day.

Who to target

These easy to follow tactics will work well for a brand in converting awareness to consideration and through to sales. Typically, the brand’s own social channels and fans will be targeted. But what about other, similar audiences that could be drawn in? Which single digital platform offers a golden thread through display, social and audience marketing? Well, the digital influencers speaking to your target market, with their channels linked to Webfluential. Their audiences trust in their endorsements and recommendations, and often span far wider groups of people than present in a brand’s owned social channels. They also offer the long term SEO benefit of the content living online and pointing back to the brand website.

To execute a day-of-the-week special on digital, contact us to speak to an account manager who can assist you.


Murray Legg is an active digital entrepreneur and holds a Ph.D in engineering. He is the strategy lead for Webfluential.

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Webfluential featured on CNBC Africa’s Tech Busters

November 24, 2014 7:28 am Published by

Webfluential founder, Mike Sharman, was invited into the CNBC Africa studios to talk about the our influencer marketing platform on Tech Busters. In the feature he explains to Aki Anastaciou exactly where Webfluential fits in to the buying patterns of the digital age and how we can help brands reach their consumers.

“Essentially, Webfluential is an online platform that connects brands with online influencers. Online influencers from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and Instagram—they’re effectively the digital billboard of our generation. If you look at peer to peer influencers and the way in which we actually make purchases online, we as consumers look first to reviews and what people that we respect in the online space have to say about different products”

Watch the rest of the video below and signup as an influencer or a marketer today.

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