The Snapshot Report: Learn from your insights and Analytics

October 17, 2019 10:07 am Published by

The passion of an influencer is captured in their content. Their writing, their videos, and their images are all expressions of their opinions and are held in high regard by their followers. Webfluential analyses the impact of content on an audience and compares this to the content of similar audiences, as well as the historical performance of an influencer’s content. This helps us to spot trends over time like the newest rising stars, the most consistent content creators and the latest “trending posts” and helps match them to the brands working with influencers.

Once an influencer search and collaboration are completed, the third and probably most important, a pillar in any influencer marketing effort is measurement & reporting. 

As the influencer marketing industry becomes bigger, Influencers have started investing not only in content but also in analytics. Why? Because they want to be able to track the success of their content, and thus be able to understand what they need to do to improve on. 

Brands, on the other hand, want to be able to see exactly how well an influencer’s posts perform historically before booking them. Brands can now see the influencer’s engagement rates and the type of content they produce straight from the Snapshot report (and media kit) when searching and booking influencers on Webfluential. 

Webfluential is constantly working to give brands and influencers the tools that do the work for them, in this case- The Snapshot Report. This tool tracks all the relevant data around influencer’s content and produces a real-time online report that brands can see. 

How the Snapshot Report works for influencers:

  1. Log in or sign-up to Webfluential
  2. link your social media channels to Webfluential.
  3. Webfluential then analyses your content and populates your most recent posts with the highest engagement on your media kit and in your profile that marketers can view when booking you. 

How brands can view the Snapshot report:

  1. Log in or sign-up to Webfluential
  2. Use the influencer search to find an influencer you would like to book.
  3. View their profile
  4. Click on content to see the Snapshot report.

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8 secrets of successful influencers

October 10, 2019 9:20 am Published by

Can you remember the last billboard you saw on the side of the highway? Neither do we. 

The days of traditional marketing to see an increase in brand success has long past. The world around us is ever-evolving and with technology at its peak, the best way for a brand to survive is to listen to what the people want – and what they want is real people, testing, using and trusting in their brand. What this means is that in today’s age, we are all hand-picking our own brand ambassadors. People we trust and believe in.

Being a successful influencer comes from anything but a “lucky break”. It’s a full time, blood, sweat and tears kind of gig that you have to work at every day. You have to earn the trust of your audience. The reality is that there’s no such thing as an accidental influencer. Social media is a fickle friend with a short memory. Even if you unwittingly start trending, or spark a meme, if you’re not quick to capitalize on your successful content, that initial rush of follows, likes and shares will soon dwindle. In our books, that’s a monumental opportunity missed. An opportunity to share your lifestyle, views, and experience with the world. An opportunity that will (if nurtured well) enable you to earn while you live your best life, be financially independent and the creator of your own success.

You CAN have it all – but you have to work for it. This means staying authentic and true to yourself in everything you put out there. It’s making sure your audience is left wanting more. More of you, your lifestyle and the way you view the world. You have to add value to their timeline in your own unique way and be relatable. This means consistent, real content that makes people feel something. 

Each Influencer’s formula of success is different, but the highest-ranked influencers all have some things in common, so we thought we’d give you a head start on how to be successful:

  1. Have your own, perfectly you, brand.
  2. Know your audience. What they like and don’t like. What inspires them and motivates them.
  3. Interact and engage with your audience, be their friend. Let them know you are a real person with compassion and kindness.
  4. Track your numbers. Keep an eye on your reach and impact.
  5. Gather insights. Learn about your audience. Get personal.
  6. Master your tools. Whether it’s an app you use for your look & feel or editing software for your videos. An artist is only as good as his/her tools.
  7. Know your worth. Creating great content takes time. Know your value and set up rate cards.
  8. Stick to your niche.

Webfluential can help you with all 8 of these guidelines. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and link all your channels and you will have a recipe for success!

Learn how you can use Webfluential to boost your success as an influencer. Go to

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Earn in more ways than one

October 3, 2019 4:28 pm Published by

Influencer marketing is so much more than posting a pretty post on Instagram telling your audience how amazing a product is. As an influencer, you have the potential to spread your wings and do so much more with Webfluential.We enable you to venture into not only those glamorous social media brand collaborations that have been a staple to most influencers, but content campaigns like Getty Images and Lonely planet where you are able to create authentic content that could earn you a steady stream of income and a reputable relationship with brands, boosting your ranking as a popular influencer.More than that, you could potentially expand your horizons to pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate deals and soon – your own retail storefront.The market has grown exponentially over the last few years and with that, opportunities for growth and expansion have been presented for influencers and brands to broaden their relationship by making content and campaigns more authentic to the consumer. What this means is that the average consumer would feel more content in spending their hard-earned cash on a product or service that has the thumbs-up from ‘real’ people whom they feel inspired or motivated by regularly. Brands have seen the impact on their business of this more traditional approach to marketing and are utilizing a human-element to their campaigns more than ever.

Sure you could endorse a couple of products within your own capacity – BUT. With Webfluential, we give you access to more earning opportunities, more valuable brand relationships, better control over your income and ensure that every collaboration benefits both the influencer and the brand.

Want to learn more? Check out the link below.

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