Whose tweet won the popularity race at #VDJ2016?

July 8, 2016 2:35 pm Published by

On Saturday (July 2nd) the 120th annual Vodacom Durban July took place at Greyville Racecourse. Though the event is known for being the most famous South African horse racing event of the year, over time it has also become renowned for being quite a fashion focused and social affair. Each year top celebrities gather, dressed to the nines, in an attempt to outshine each other. While we cannot be sure who outperformed who on the red carpet we can determine whose tweets were the most influential. Here are 4 of the most influential tweets from #VDJ2016







All in all the hashtag was used in tweets more than 15 000 times leading up to and during the race. While the Conglomerate won the actual race @Bonang_m  definitely won the race to having the most retweeted tweet about

#VDJ2016, which could easily have been seen close on 60 million times!

For data around the #VDJ2016 hashtag, you can view the Webfluential Track Only Report we created. The Track Only Reports show you the reach of hashtags, handles and conversation around particular people, brands and events. The reports are also able to indicate the most influential people in the conversation.


Asset 3



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Webfluential has launched Influencer Insights

July 5, 2016 2:35 pm Published by


As influencer marketing becomes big business, brands have started investing not only in content but also in analytics. Why? Because they want to be able to track the success of their influencer campaigns.

As an influencer, you’ve probably spent hours and hours analysing the data across your platforms on behalf of the brands you work with. It can be time-consuming!

That’s about to change.

Webfluential has always offered you (and brands) scores based on your reach, resonance and relevance. Now we’re taking that a step further: by introducing Influencer Analytics.

If you’re signed up as an influencer at Webfluential, we’re giving you insight into your stats across every platform you use, all in one place: your dashboard.


Where to see your Influencer Insights

If you’ve logged into your Webfluential profile recently, you might have come across your Influencer Insights already (you can see them at the bottom of your dashboard). By pulling data from your various channels we’ve compiled unique insights into your growth and audience.




Twitter insights

On Twitter you’ll be able to track retweet rates, interactions, engagements and audience growth. To see your Twitter analytics you’ll need to log into your Webfluential profile, click on “My profile”, then click on “Manage Twitter”. Shortly, you’ll be able to see your Twitter insights, which should look like this:




Facebook and Instagram insights

On Facebook and Instagram you’re able to see growth in fans and impressions as well as weekly likes and comments. To see your Facebook and Instagram stats, click on “My Profile” then “Manage Facebook/Instagram”. Your stats should take a few moments to load and will look like this:





Blog insights

On your blog you can now track page views and session duration, as well as new users visiting your blog and which country they’re from. Click on “My Profile”, then “Manage Blog”. Your stats should look like this:




YouTube insights

YouTube tracks your views, number of videos and your likes and comments. To view your YouTube stats, click on “My Profile” and then click “Manage YouTube”. Expect to see a screen that looks like this:




Only you can see your Influencer Insights; they’re not publically available. They’re a great new way to measure your growth across multiple platforms, in one space.

What you think about this new analytics offering? Please email if you have any feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Win the Webfluential Yellow Jersey by supporting your favourite #LeTour cyclists online

July 5, 2016 9:15 am Published by

The Tour de France 2016 takes place from the 2nd of July until the 24th. Consisting of 3500km and 2 or 3 time trials.

The race moves through some of the most beautiful scenery including Megève in the Alps before finishing in the streets of Paris.

At the end of each stage the Yellow Jersey is awarded to the leading rider of the General Classification. While not all of us can compete in #LeTour – we can definitely talk about it online.

Using Webfluential’s tracking tools we’ll monitor social conversation around #LeTour and #TDF2016  each day for the 22 days. We’ll be awarding the Webfluential Yellow Jersey at the end of each day to the most influential person in the online conversation.

The metric we used to determine the most Influential account for the day is the person who had the top retweet reach. This shows the size of the audience that the content reached.

Congratulations to @CaracolDeportes, our latest Webfluential Yellow Jersey for the Most Influential account managing to maintain its lead from Day 4 right through to Day 17 of Le Tour de France.

Tour de France-11


In the third week our focus shifted to the Tour de France participating teams. Using each teams handles as well as the official hashtag #TDF2016 we tracked which team had the most influential account.

Congratulations to @TeamSky for winning the Webfluential Yellow Jersey for the most influential account amongst the teams.

Tour de France-11

Below are all the previous winners so far:


Tour de France last-04 (1)


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